What we offer for Medical Second Opinion?

We wish to offer all of our own international patients (health tourists) a free medical second opinion.

Please reach us your details via WhatsApp / Telegram or e-mail (treatment@healthintheworld.com ) or call for your health.

If you have, please we need to know of your up to date medical reports and our expert patient representatives will call or write back and help you with your request.​​​

If you don’t consider about coming to Turkey for any kind of treatment, don’t hesitate to call us for your medical second opinion.

How Many Days To Take a Medical Second Opinion?

It will be ready approximately within the 5-8 days.


The most important thing is to get back to your health safely

Free Legal Support - We provide legal support moment you need it
7/24 Free Consultancy Service - A consultant that will always answer your questions 7/24
Free Counseling About Treatment - That is with you even after you return home
Free Translator - 20 different languages allows you to express yourself in your native language
Accommodation - Accommodation in our contracted hotels close to the hospital paid by you
Free VIP Transportation - We provide VIP vehicles and private drivers
Hospital Security - For your safety, we work with JCI certified hospitals
Best Doctors for your treatment
Rapidness - From the moment you request, we provide the fastest turnaround between 1-7 days
Saving Money - The best treatments at the most affordable prices for your budget
Total Stay In Hospital: 0-1 Days
Surgery Time: 1-4 Hours
Recory Time: 1 Month
Local or general anesthesia - It varies according to the doctor

Get a free consultation

Call for Health

How It Works

Just follow the steps


Analysis of reports provided translation of medical records medical evaluation leading documents expert.



Participation of other experts  (if necessary)



For further treatment determination of tactics.



Development of an individual treatment plan written opinion on hospital letterhead translation of medical translation result.


What you can do is

Do not hesitate to contact with us any time.

Ask whatever you want
Be sure that we will work for you any time
We give the best price and hospitality
Enjoy your health