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Headlines of Treatment in Turkey:

  1. Why Medical Tourism In Turkey?
  2. Is Medical Second Opinion Service Provided?
  3. What Is Medical Second Opinion Scope?
  4. What Should I Do To Get A Medical Second Opinion Service?
  5. Is There A Free International Patient Service?
  6. What Is HealthInTheWorld, Personalized Services For Health Tourism Patients?
  7. Benefits Of Our Travel Management Service To The Patient
  8. Needs Of Health Tourism Patients
  9. What Does Your Patient Representative / Health Angel Do?
  10. Are There Interpreter Services?
  11. Why We Provide Free Translation Service?
  12. How Can You Benefit From Translator And Translation Service?
  13. In How Many Languages ​​Translation And Interpreter Support Is Provided For Health Tourists?
  14. How Will Travel, Hotel And Accommodation Be?
  15. 7/24 Free Transfer And Welcome Service?
  16. What Should You Do Before Your Trip?
  17. Is Your Insurance Valid In Health Tourism?
  18. Will There Be An Invoice After Payment?
  19. How Do You Pay It?
  20. Are The Treatment Plan, Offer, Length Of Stay And Prices I Received Definitely Valid?

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Why Medical Tourism in Turkey?

  • CLEAN, COMFORTABLE and SAFE: Health service in accordance with comfort, hygiene and Covid-19 measures
  • ACCREDITED HOSPITALS: Over 40 hospital groups with JCI (Joint Commission International) certification and 100's of hospitals
  • FAST SERVICE: No Waiting in Line. Quick Recovery Opportunity
  • Europe, USA, UK, Canada etc. depending on the branch and treatment of many countries
  • AFFORDABLE PRICE: 3-10 times more affordable price advantage
  • EXPERT DOCTORS: World-class educated and internationally recognized professors and expert healthcare staff
  • HEALTH + HOLIDAYS TOGETHER: A country full of historical, touristic and cultural beauties and a country that lives 4 seasons together

Is Medical Second Opinion Service Provided?

Our team, in coordination with expert healthcare staff at HealtInTheWorld contracted hospitals, works hard to ensure that you receive the best treatment. All of our patients within the scope of health tourism are provided with a medical second opinion service where your detailed medical reports (including epicrisis, imaging, disease and drug history, etc.) are evaluated by highly expert physicians and also a treatment plan is provided.

What is Medical Second Opinion Scope?

Within the scope of the service, we offer you a medical opinion and treatment plan recommended by a board of doctors specialized in different medical branches. This multidisciplinary approach to treatment is the foundation of our trust and is the best way to ensure that our patients are well cared for. In addition, the international team will provide you all the relevant questions to be answered installed in your mind before you decide to travel to Turkey.

What Should I Do to Get a Medical Second Opinion Service?

To request a second medical opinion, you can contact us by calling us from the forms in the "contact us" section on our Whatsapp Business line or website or by calling the relevant numbers according to your language preference. Please do not forget to include all current medical reports, epicrisis and a contact information so we can reach you.

Is there a Free International Patient Service?

24/7 multilingual patient translation support, VIP hospitalization procedures, free VIP private vehicle and driver transfer services between the airport-hotel-hospital by experts with international experience, and your patient representatives who can consult 24/7 for all your needs during your stay.

What is HealthInTheWorld, Personalized Services for Health Tourism Patients?

Of course, our main goal is to restore your health and to successfully complete your treatment. However, we also know the difficulties of getting health care in a different country, and therefore we want to provide all the necessary complementary health services and tourist services in the best way for you while implementing the health treatment plan. In this direction, the services we can offer besides the treatment plan are;

  • Hospital, physician and diagnostic appointments and in-hospital coordination *
  • VIP services from A to Z, our patient counseling services *
  • Transfer Services by VIP private vehicle such as meeting and picking up the patient from the airport, leaving the hotel to the hotel, between the hotel and the hospital on the last day *
  • Free Medical Second Opinion for existing Health Tourism patients *
  • Free translation / interpreting services when required in all procedures (in 20 languages) *
  • Preparing a doctor request letter for our patients who are required to avoid problems in entry and exit within the scope of Covid measures *
  • Travel arrangement assistance (travel visas from your country, letters for collection services, etc.)
  • In cases requiring hospitalization, you and the companion who may be eligible under hospital rules, stay in luxurious and private rooms at the hospital *
  • Accommodation organization (possibility to choose special price hotels, apartments etc. for middle and high quality health & nutrition guests near the hospital) 24-hour emergency services (between countries or within the country or city), including transfer coordination with air ambulance when necessary VIP Flight service organization for those who want to travel by private plane
  • Organization of all kinds of historical, touristic and recreational tours requested in the country and in the city
  • SPA, Turkish bath, massage service organization in hygienic luxury and professional certified hotels
  • Local telephone voice or line supply
  • Shopping tour and shopping opportunity in historical bazaars. Providing guide or interpreter for non-hospital times
  • Procurement of prescriptions and medicines recommended by the doctor within the scope of contracted pharmacies
  • All imaging, analysis, x-ray and Covid, gene scanning etc. that are not included in the treatment. coordination of all tests, etc. services, Restaurant and meal organization (except hospital accommodation / hospitalization period)

* Star services are included in your free and personalized treatment plan package. You get the Star Services not paying preferred it if the cost to the respective companies and our specialist teams when planning treatment for you, anytime you during the time you have before or in Turkey, welcomed the service you wish for you, the fastest way and negotiated that we have quality, hygienic and reliable will organize with a partner.

Benefits of our Travel Management Service to the Patient

Regarding the needs of international and cultural patients, TM's professionalism allows patients to fully concentrate on treatment. TM is fully involved in all travel and treatment details and provides 24/7 emergency service.

Needs of Health Tourism Patients

Health services are not limited to a person's own country. HEALTHINTHEWORLD Group, one of the new generation health tourism intermediary institutions in the world, has extensive experience in meeting the special needs and concerns of international patients and a meticulously created service process and understanding in this sense. By helping international patients with a smiling face and expert knowledge before, during and after their stay, Healthintheworld always goes one step further than others, ensuring that their experiences are positive. Our aim is to make our patients and their relatives feel comfortable and at home during their stay.

What Does Your Patient Representative / Health Angel Do?

From the moment the patient or family member contacts us, he begins to act as a very personal, main liaison with one of our well-trained international patient representatives and provides effective communication with you in case of need.

Are There Interpreter Services?

Healthintheworld provides language translations and interpreting services free of charge for all your health translation needs. The service includes and provides the following benefits.

  • Coordination of the process in the hospital
  • Fast response (time saving)
  • High quality medical translation (reducing risks and incorrect processing)
  • Personal meeting with hospital staff (to spend quality time)
  • High level of communication (misunderstanding)

Why We Provide Free Translation Service?

Interpreting services in healthcare are of utmost critical importance. Misinterpretation of a medical procedure can lead to some critical problems affecting the medical condition of our patients. Healthintheworld is fully aware of the importance of this issue and allocates a group of interpreters and / or native speakers to international patients. In addition to being a linguist, this group is also experienced in health translations, which is an important factor in making you feel safe.

How Can You Benefit From Translator and Translation Service?

Experienced translators will accompany our patients in their medical appointments at the hospital, will assist you with all their medical needs at all times, will help you communicate with doctors and other hospital staff in a healthy and accurate manner, and will explain the medical reports and necessary medications to you safely and quickly. Patients can also ask for extra help if needed. It will be considered. The Healthintheworld family guarantees that our patients will always be served with great passion and care, and of course with a smiling face and understanding, within our responsibility.

In How Many Languages ​​Translation and Interpreter Support Is Provided For Health Tourists?

Do not hesitate to tell us that you speak freely or need an interpreter for any language you speak. We serve more than 20 languages. Our translators can be reached in person, by phone or any video service. Please note that this service is completely free. You can ask for an interpreter before you come to the hospital. It will be enough to choose the language option.

How Will Travel, Hotel and Accommodation Be?

Based on your request, the Healthintheworld team of experts can assist you and your family members in organizing your trip, choosing your accommodation and making reservations before your visit. You will be offered various options at the best prices from contracted hospitals located in the city centers or very close to the contracted hospitals where you will receive your treatment and your reservation will be made according to your preference. Our team will be with you during your check-in procedures. You can make your payment to the hotel. Hotel fee is not included in the treatment plan. However, we organize the reservation and planning for you free of charge.

7/24 Free Transfer and Welcome Service?

  • Do not worry. From the moment you arrive, we will meet you at the airport and make all your transfers between the hotel-hospital and the airport free of charge.
  • Quality and luxury VIP vehicles that will provide high quality service
  • Quality special drivers who understand the mood
  • Welcoming the airport and delivering it to the last day
  • All transportation between hotel and hospital

What Should You Do Before Your Trip?

More and more people are choosing to go abroad for medical treatment. The Healthintheworld team is always aware that the idea of ​​traveling for therapeutic purposes poses a number of difficulties for patients and their relatives. We are ready to facilitate this travel and treatment plan and make you feel as comfortable as possible. That is why we would like to inform you of some precautions you can take before your travel. Our expert travel consultants before you travel turkey you will have some suggestions;

  • First of all, making sure that your health condition is suitable for traveling abroad by obtaining confirmation from your local health experts in your country is the first of all.
  • Before leaving your country, it may be helpful to want to plan care in our country with your local healthcare provider and HealthInTheWorld specialist contracted clinics and doctors.
  • Make sure you bring along all copies of all medical reports, sightings, tests, and all prescriptions / medications you will need for your treatment plan.
  • Check your passport and try to get the appropriate visa you need, in coordination with the visa advisor and also with the relevant consulates. Because 'visitor visa' is not an easily extended visa, we recommend that you avoid this option. Your healthcare treatment may be prolonged.
  • On your ID, passport, etc. Please do not skip checking the name and basic information on your airline tickets, and make sure they are the same, as your personal information in all official health and travel documents must be the same as indicated on your flight tickets.
  • Keep your medical records and basic contact information in a comfortable, safe and accessible place, such as your bag or hand luggage, so that you can immediately present it to security guards or in case of any intervention.Think about how you will get cash in Turkey. You can advise your bank on your travel plans and make inquiries to access money abroad in a number of different ways. You can also get a credit card that you can use your VISA or MasterCard as unlimited in Turkey.
  • Make sure that you do not forget to open your telephone line for international use and take your spare external battery and charger.
  • Do not forget to take and note the details of the person / driver and vehicle that will pick you up at the airport.
  • Do not forget to take and write down the details of the person who will be your direct addressee at the hospital, your interpreter information.
  • A seamless travel / to have a treatment program and to take your time, your medical treatment and you spend a little more time to yourself during your stay in Turkey and 1-2 days prior to treatment in this context and beyond, we encourage you to take a large period of time.

Is Your Insurance Valid in Health Tourism?

You have to discuss this with your local insurance company yourself. HealthInTheWorld does not provide negotiation services with your insurance companies. You can discuss with your insurance company how, how much and how your health expenditure will be covered. You can request a refund from your insurance company after you return with an after-expenditure document within the scope of your policy.

Will There Be an Invoice After Payment?

We will be able to provide a treatment payment document and invoice from the hospital or clinic where the treatment is applied to the patients who request.

How Do You Pay It?

In the first registration to the hospital, all or a certain part of the payment will be received in cash. Credit card payment option is not available for a while. Bids are given in dollars. Optionally, it is also accepted in Euro (with exchange rate difference). Other local currencies are not accepted. You can obtain the necessary currencies from exchange offices before or after your arrival from your country.

Are the Treatment Plan, Offer, Length of Stay and Prices I Received Definitely Valid?

If you submit all your documents and information, the treatment plan, length of stay and prices usually do not vary much when you come for treatment. However, do not forget that the most accurate and definite treatment plan, duration of stay and prices in health will only be revealed after a comprehensive physical examination by your physician. The possible course of your illness until you arrive, the duration of the stay, the price and the treatment plan to be applied may differ slightly from the offer and treatment plan you received before your arrival, as there may be an additional diagnosis and additional treatments that may not be made by our local physician. After a detailed physical examination, in cases where serious risks are seen for some of your health, the failure of your surgery may rarely occur.