Brain Surgery Prices in Turkey

Why Healthintheworld Neurology and Neurosurgery Centers? 

The hospitals we have contracted with have been accredited by the world's most important international health accreditation organizations (JCI etc.). In our specialist hospitals and clinics, special neurological services are provided according to the needs.

We work with specialist physicians and healthcare professionals who are competent in the use of state-of-the-art devices and are committed to providing you (or your relatives, loved ones) with the best possible complete care in any situation.

What is our difference?

Our Neurology and Neurosurgery Center programs at Healtintheworld's contracted hospitals have performed countless successful treatments and restored many patients' health.

We also specialize in the diagnosis and treatment of the most complex and challenging brain and spine disorders.

We work with well-known experts and academics in the international health arena.

What Diseases Do We Offer in the Field of Brain Surgery? 

Our patients and patient candidates;

They will be able to request a doctor's consultation for the major diseases listed below, as well as receive assistance in detailed examination for all kinds of neurological disorders other than these areas.

  • Epilepsy
  • Stroke
  • Headache
  • Sleeping disorders
  • Movement disorders
  • Alzheimer's disease
  • Memory impairments
  • Neuromuscular problems
  • Hydrocephalus

How is the Treatment Plan Decided and How does the Process Work?

We Also Offer Second Opinion Service!

For our patients; Remote second opinion service is always provided when needed about neurological conditions and / or neurosurgery services. For this, we expect you to submit your medical reports, epicrisis and imaging records, if any, to our HealthInTheWorld expert team and patient consultants. Then, our experts in the field will evaluate your reports and diagnostic tests; You will be given written advice regarding your treatment plans, processes, durations and requirements that will emerge as a result of the evaluation.

Expertise and Commitment Brings Successful Results!

What Do We Offer For This?

  • Experienced and talented academician doctors provide services.
  • Advanced neuroradiological imaging systems are used.
  • All completely scientific treatment methods are applied in accordance with the latest international standards.
  • Treatments and care services are provided in sterile clinics where all kinds of hygienic measures have been taken, including the Corona (covid-19) pandemic.

Which Adult and Pediatric Methods are Used?

According to the condition and course of the disease and the patient;

  • With Tremor Surgery
  • Brain Tumor Surgery
  • Spine Surgery and all other special treatment methods

It can be applied in our approaching clinics and hospitals.

How We Plan Your Treatment in Neurosurgery?

In order to plan your treatment, the patient is asked to have a history of the disease, examinations, tests, and most importantly, the necessary film CD and imaging so that each doctor can present his own special interpretation and treatment plan. According to this information and documents, a plan and price offer is given.

How is the Process when You Come for Treatment?

The patient comes. After the physical and detailed consultation, it is concluded that there is no obstacle to the patient's surgery, the anesthesia process is determined and additional tests are performed, if any.

Neurosurgery operations vary between 3-12 hours depending on the condition of the patient and the disease and the treatment plan to be applied. After the operation, an average of 3-7 days is hospitalized.

You Can Find Detailed Information In Each Treatment Plan Below

Gamma Knife Surgery Cost in Turkey

Gamma Knife is a completely bloodless type of surgery performed by using only radiosurgery without the need for traditional surgery for tumors and brain diseases that occur in the head. Neurosurgeons may sometimes apply this method alone in suitable patients and diseases, or, when necessary, simultaneously with a microsurgical operation. This can be decided with a detailed consultation.


Scoliosis Surgery Cost in Istanbul

Scoliosis is a spinal curvature problem. Scoliosis is defined as tilting the spine to the right or left at an angle of more than 10 degrees. Scoliosis is frequently encountered in the adolescence period (after 13-14 years of age), but it can also be encountered congenitally. It is not correct to define every spine curvature as scoliosis. Posture errors and posture disorders should be differentiated from scoliosis. These may develop due to position, posture, leg shortness, and pelvic anomalies. Scoliosis is a spine disease that can be diagnosed medically by the physician.


Neuronavigation Mass Resection Treatment

The Neuronavigation system, one of the most advanced techniques offered by medical technology in the field of surgery, is an application that helps to clearly define the boundaries of the masses during operations and thus significantly increases the success of the surgery.


Discectomy Surgery in Turkey

In microsurgery technique, in which surgical interventions are made for structures that are too small to be intervened with the naked eye in the human body, surgical interventions are performed using special surgical microscopes and magnifying optical glasses. Thanks to the surgical instruments specially produced to eliminate the problems on micro structures, the surgeon repairs the damage to structures such as vessels and nerves smaller than 1 mm.


Spinal Neurosurgery Treatment

Spine surgery; It is the general name given to all operations and surgical interventions related to the structure called the spine, which protects the nerve, spinal cord roots and the delicate nerve tissue against external influences.